Do you love makeup but can never get your eyeliner on point?


Do you want to wake up in the morning with your eyeliner ON POINT? Don't have time to spend in the mornings holding one lid shut and end up with a squiggly, bumpy eyeliner line anyway?

Tattooed eyeliner may just save your hassles! You can have seamless, perfect eyeliner every day, without the worry of pencils.

With cosmetic tattooed eyeliner you will:

✴️ Never worry about smudgy eyeliner again

✴️ Have on point eyeliner, designed to how YOU wear it, everyone is different, get the eyeliner you love!

✴️ Throw away those eyeliner pencils

✴️ Accenuate those eyes and make them POP

✴️ Wake up looking ready to go

✴️ Ideal for women who are constantly busy, life, kids, work & exercise.

✴️ Perfect for those who are allergic to makeup or with sensitive skin

✴️ Confidence when you look in the mirror