Looking for a cosmetic tattooist in Gladstone | Boyne Island | Tannum Sands?

Cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup has taken the world by storm, and the Gladstone, Boyne Tannum region is not immune.

Introducing Georgina, our Body Dynamics cosmetic tattooist and senior beauty therapist. Affectionately known as "Georgi", she has a love of brows and a create flair for creating the most perfect brow to suit your face shape. Her interest in cosmetic tattooing stems from her long established beauty career, with a strong desire to see women feel beautiful within themselves.

Since obtaining her qualification in Cosmetic Tattooing in early January 2016, she has met a host of women in the salon with a desire to have cosmetic tattooing, all with different needs and wants.

From over plucked brows in the early years when this style was on trend, and now they just won't simply grow back, to ladies wanting to wake up in the morning with perfect eyeliner without having the hassle of having to apply eyeliner themselves, to redoing old faded tattoo works that have paled into that orange red colour. We have met some beautiful strong ladies who are undergoing cancer treatment, who want to know they still are womanly, to feel a sense of beauty when they look in the mirror in the morning.

Everyone's story is different and unique. The reasons for having cosmetic tattooing are limitless.

Having performed a large number of tattoos since the inception of this service in our salon, it has seen her popularity in the field skyrocket - we have people from Central Queensland come from far and wide for tattoo consultations and appointments.

To book your free consultation with us, get in touch by calling 4973 9377. For out of town clients, we can arrange a phone consultation on your preferred day and time.