What's the difference between brow feathering and shadow brows?

Are you lusting after beautiful brows, but unsure what type of brow tattooing would suit you?

We offer two types of brow tattooing for you, the "Shadow Brow" or the "Feathered Brow"

So what is the difference?

Shadow brows is the process of shading your brow into a brand new shape to suit you, similar to the effect of a brow pencil, only without having to use one! This type of brow is best suited if you have no brows, or very very thin brows. This is also suited if you have great brows already, but want that permanent pencilled shaded look.

Brow Feathering is the process of tattooing individual brow hairs into your existing brows. This is great for people who have thinning brows or patchy brows, this creates amazing depth with a brand new shape.

Stunning results are achieved using either method, what type of brow tattooing do you love? Want to know more? Feel free to get in touch by phoning us (07) 4973 9377 or get in touch with us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BodyDynamicsBeautyAndWellbeing/

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