Client Testimonials

                                              Meet Crys with her fully healed Powder|Shadow Brows

                                              Meet Crys with her fully healed Powder|Shadow Brows

"I felt very comfortable coming in for a tattoo consultation with Georgi, she was so welcoming and knowledgable. She was talkative and attentive throughout my tattooing experience, getting my brows tattooed felt tingly, but with the numbing cream on you can't feel it!

I wanted to get my cosmetic tattooing because I wanted AWESOME brows, I c...ame in for a Henna Brow Sculpt with Georgi and I loved it, so I booked in to have the shape tattooed on.

When I first looked in the mirror, I thought WOW they are dark!! But after they healed and I went back for the retouch I went darker the second time around :)

My overall experience having powder brows was superb, I'd highly recommend anyone to have their brows done as well ! 😍😍😍"

CRYS - Tannum Sands


Shadow Brows

"The minute I came in for my consultation for tattooing I was welcomed with such a friendly atmosphere. My first impressions of Georgi were awesome, she was honest and lovely!

Georgi made me feel comfortable and confident in her abilities and the tattooing itself was effortless, my previous brow tattooing had faded and Georgi renewed the colour and shape beautifully.

I am absolutely delighted with my shadow brows, no more pencilling in and no more non-existent eyebrows!

My tattooing experience was painless and comfortable, I would highly recommend Georgi to anyone xoxo"


Top & Bottom Eyeliner

Meet lmelda, this gorgeous lady is a valued, beautiful client of ours who recently had top & bottom eyeliner done with us in the salon.

Here is a little bit of her experience with us when having her eyeliner done:

"Wow, I am so very happy with my top & bottom eyeliner tattoo! For me, I have sensitive eyes and some allergies which is why I hardly ever wear makeup. I love the fact that I can now get up each morning and look like I have makeup on, it's awesome!!

Georgi is incredible, she gave me amazing advice, so caring and reassuring and she explained everything to me about the tattooing procedure during the tattoo consultation.

During the tattooing, Georgi was great, she settled my nerves and fears, and chatted to me right through it all. She explained what she was doing, and talked me through the whole experience, I felt totally comfortable the whole time.

Getting eyeliner tattooing is a very hard sensation to explain, with the numbing cream applied it numbs the area really well, we went a little slower in the corner of the eyes but it was over really quickly!

After the inital swelling subsided, and the colour settled in (when it's first done, the colour is bright) the effect is so awesome! I am so thrilled with my results, it's definitely something that I would recommend to anyone!! Totally love it!


Brow Feathering

"I've always wanted to eyebrows, having fair hair I've had to have them coloured, not anymore! I love my new brows!!!

From the moment I came into my tattoo consultation I felt completely at ease, the brow tattooing process was explained to me well.

During the tattooing process, she explained everything to me step by step along the way. 

I would totally recommend her to all of my friends, I've got the brows that I have always dreamt of, from the colour to the shape, and I'm so happy with my experience and the result!"